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Corporate Ace aim to help you get the most out of your business or organisation. Training is an important part of both personal development and leads to more efficient business practices and a better business or service.

We training businesses and staff on a variety of issues to do with business. Accounting software including our QuickBooks courses is one example. 

Training Courses

There are a number of ways we can train staff in a range of issues to do with your business.

Software Training, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Outlook, QuickBooks

Software training in Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Outlook is one of the services we either supply in-house or through some of our registered training affiliates. We select only the best and widely experienced software trainers.

It is surprising how a little knowledge can go and extremely long way in using software packages like Microsoft Word efficiently. Well trained staff work far more efficiently than poorly trained staff and the job is far more enjoyable when you know how to use the software properly and confidently.

Our aim with our software training is to help you and your staff get the most our of the software you have invested in.

Learn Quickbooks Acounting SoftwareLearning to use accounting software can feel like climbing a mountain to the new user. It does not need to feel like that. Our QuickBooks courses are designed to get you up and running and learn QuickBooks so that you can get the most out of the software.

Business Development

Apart from IT consultancy Corporate Ace is very active and publishing websites in a number of key sectors.

Our involvement in these sectors has lead to us offering training to businesses in these sectors on how to get the most out of online marketing and advertising. How to get your website working better in promoting your business.

Areas to focus on. For instance the use of photography in some businesses for online marketing is key. You don't need to necessarily employ an expensive photographer just some useful hints and tips on how to take photographs and best practices for promoting your business visually.

A taste of how we can help you with training...

Creating the paperless office

We can also help you go paperless. We have been operating a paperless office for years. We can train and help you do the same. No expensive software to purchase. Some nifty hints and tips and before you know it you will no longer be swamped in paper. Plus save printing costs by embedding your letterheads, forms, logos you name it on all the documents you send out. Easy as 1,2,3 it will save you lots of time and money...

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