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All businesses and organisations have news. Distributing that news online to relevant websites is easy with Corporate Ace.

We publish a growing number of news distribution websites. RSS News Distribution

News and updates keep people up to date with what your business is doing or the information your business or organisation is trying to promote online.

Selected news from our news and information websites can be distributed across our own portfolio or the world wide web through RSS sydication of the news.

What does RSS stands for? "Really Simple Syndication"

 RSS or Really Simple Sydication is great for a number of reasons but the primary one is that as the name says it is sreally simple to syndicate your news, updates and information.

Hear are some examples of how to dsitribute news via RSS feeds:

News and updates from shown on our websites is sector specific, i.e. camping news for example is only distributed on our web portfolio on camping related websites. This increases the relevance of your news to the visitors to these websites.

The RSS news can be made available for others to RSS syndicate where appropriate which widens the net for your new distribution.

You will often hear an RSS being referred to as an RSS Feed this is as it is feeding the news out to others across the world wide web.

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