Corporate Ace

Corporate Ace

At Corporate Ace we specialise in corporate services. Everything from corporate websites to corporate training.

We specialise in helping businesses and corporations develop their online services and information.

Corporate Ace also specialise in publishing information websites. Websites about subjects and sectors.

We offer corporate photographic services including micro and closup photography of products and promotional material for use on your website and other corporate photography.

Our in-house design team design corporate logos and corporate images for use on your website or promotional material.

Our training and support division provides training and mentoring in a range of areas for your staff. 

The "corporate ace" up your sleeve.

Types of Corporate Services

One of the corporate services we offer is advertising. Our online advertising comes in the form of three main media.

We publish a growing number of information websites and customer websites.

All banner adverts across our growing portfolio are centrally controlled by us. All Corporate Ace websites and directories have dedicated advertising zones. Ads can therefore be filtered on to pages based on specific criteria. What the page or website is generally about for instance. Banner ads can be even more specific that that. Ads can be show at particular times of day or on certain days of the week. Targeted advertising from Corporate Ace.

We publish a number of news and information sites where advertisers and businesses can feature their services and products.

The aim here at Corporate Ace is simple. To put corporations, businesses and organisations in touch with those searching for content on the web in their sectors.

Let Corporate Ace take your business to the customers you are looking for online.

Corporate Ace. Corporate websites, corporate design, corporate training and corporate marketing specialists!


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